Posted by: smallonely | April 22, 2013

獨立思考 & 判斷是非

昨天和Ben在連鎖速食店 Five Guys 吃晚餐, 我們注意到牆上的標語 “fresh ground beef”.

me: I guess that means they don’t use pink slime.
Ben: What’s wrong with pink slime?
me: Well, then it’s some rubbish part of cow.
Ben: It’s good then. You make use of every part of the cow and kill less cows.
me: But to use the rubbish part like beef organ or skin, you’ll need to treat those part with ammonia or something you’ll find in cleaning product.
Ben:  You’ll also find all kind of chemical in cleaning product. I can give you an example… (略)
me: Alright, but what about the restructuring? I mean, they need to use some protein to glue the meat together.
Ben: How do you know those protein is bad for you? Red meat is known to associate with heart disease. Maybe protein is better than red meat.

好了. 所以我覺得pink slime用消毒水殺菌不好, 因為消毒水同時被用在很多清潔用品; 他覺得使用化學物質並不代表他不好

我覺得重組牛肉用蛋白質黏合牛肉不好, 他說 子焉知這些蛋白質不比紅肉好? 紅肉已經證實和心血管疾病有正相關

於是我回去之後找一下wikipedia, 發現相當有趣的資訊:

“The nature of the product and the manner in which it is processed led to concerns that it might be a risk to human health, despite the fact that there have been no reported cases of foodborne illnesses due to consumption of the product.” — Pink Slime, Wikipedia



在看了上述文字的文獻之後, 我同意 pink slime 可以食用(至少在法定範圍之內) 並且有其社會意義 (cheaper food).

所以, 讀了一點點資訊 => 得到結論
再讀了一點文章 => 可能得到不同結論。

到底要怎麼選擇 input, 以及整理吸收判斷, 其實很難…

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