Posted by: smallonely | August 12, 2009

Flash floods from Morakot

[A hotel building leans before falling in a heavily flooded river after Typhoon Morakot hit Taitung county, Taiwan, Sunday, Aug. 9, 2009. (AP Photo/ETTV Television)]

I am very embarrassed to say I was lighthearted when the government announced that Friday was off. It seemed to be a totally unluckly event. Typhoon Morakot caused a GREAT damage in Taiwan. Dozens of people washed away; many were dead or missed. More than fifteen houses disappear into the sea; some villages were even submerged. What a unbelievable power to cause these terrible event!

Anyway, at the same time, many touched stories shows the bright side of human. How helpful and kindly Taiwan people are.

Not only to rescue, to help settle down people who lost their home is also important. It’s said that more than 10 thousands need to move. May Ma’s government will perform better on assisting the victims to rebuild the buildings and helping them with their recovery work. Sincerely hope that we can cover the difficulties and recover from the disaster soon.

From long-term view, it may be a warning from our nature against too much development or unsuitable plants (e.g., betel palm). Maybe Taiwanese people seem to be kind of absent-minded. People may forget the disaster soon, and mourn our loss when the next disaster occurs.

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