Posted by: smallonely | June 29, 2009

[Philippine] Dolphin Watching and Balicasag Island Tours (2)

We took a rest on the small island. Staying at a cool place, we talked with many local people. I met a sweet baby girl, whose name is Lai-Da. (I don’t know how to spell her name in Filippino.) She was very cute and sweet. Her eyes were twinkling, and her smile was lovely. I played with her and took lots of pictures for her 😀

Later, we had rice balls and fish for lunch at Balicasag Island. Actually, I thought the rice balls are much like the Chocolate Hills. It is said that a foreign tourist saw the place and called them chocolate hills since they looked like Hershey’s kisses. In my opinion, if I can give them a name, I will call them Rice Ball Hills :p

After walking around the Balicasag Island, we went to a small island that even much smaller than Balicasag. Although it is tiny, with idyllic beaches, I think the Virgin Island is one of the most beautiful island in Philippine. It’s a tropical paradise indeed.


是說看數學書累了可以來補遊記嗎? :pp

但我要說, Lai Da 小妹妹真的好可愛啊啊啊啊啊~~
剛才又翻了她的照片, 還是覺得可愛到爆表 😀
即使是過了五個月的現在, 我還是記得她的名字!


  1. She really has a very beautiful smile.

    Actually, my current research interest is just to investigate how smiles (情感支持) encourage us to face the emotional challenges (例如: 挫折感).

    This good picture reminds us of the power of happiness.

  2. 這個頁面真複雜~我找不到哪可以留言勒~

    • 哇……
      sorry la… 我忘記你是誰了

      • 的確是很難回想吧~

    • 哦哦哦 我記得了!!! 跟Ben一起的??

      • = =….
        那就…have a nice day~~

      • >//////< sorry sorry… 實在是年代久遠…

    • ㄟ我又突然記得了 :p

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