Posted by: smallonely | June 23, 2009

Taxi in ShangHai

That day, I met a South African. We had a short talk when taking the moving walkway. He worked for a ShangHai company and came to Taiwan for business. We exchanged the impression on ShangHai and Taipei.
ShangHai is more crowded and busy… It doesn’t mean that people in Taipei is not busy. Actually I think that ShangHai people are CRAZY busy.

During the first time I took a taxi in ShangHai, the driver honked almost all the time. He drove vary fast in a zig-zag manner. The traffic signs seemed to be nothing important. We even went against the roadway! What a crazy taxi experience!!

However, the taxi rate is not expensive. The first 3 kilometers cost only RMB 11. After that, every kilometer costs RMB 2.1. Comparatively, taxi rate in Hsinchu is much more expensive :Q The rate starts at TWD 90 (RMB 19).

By the way, I guess that most of ShangHai taxies are Volkswagen Santana. Volkswagen seems to be popular there.

Anyway, I found my English is still not good enough.
I frequently found the grammer error just after I spoke something.
My first words to the South African was, “where ARE you come from?”.


  1. Volkswagen cooperates with the local vehicle industry to promote their brand and reduce manufacture cost.

    Therefore, I usually take vehicle of “China Volkswagen” as bogus since neither price nor quality can be competitive with “REAL” Volkswagen. :p

  2. I take taxi in Shenzhen twice a week. Some of them are really crazy. They do not follow traffic sign and signal. Some taxis even do not have a plate (!?). The first 3 km cost RMB 12.5 and every subsequent km cost RMB 2.4. They said the price has not been adjusted for more than 10 years~

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