Posted by: smallonely | May 27, 2009

Scuba Diving in Orchid Island

The most beautiful part of Orchid Island is the underwater part. Ha… I think I was NOT biased at all.
In these three days, I nearly didn’t go anywhere else except the hostel and the sea.

The marine life in Orchid Island is similar to it in Green Island. Comparing to Philippine, where I went diving last time, there are huge kinds of various colorful living things… but not that many schooling fishes. The water is so clean that the visibility is very very high — I think the range of visibility may be more than 40 meters.

I had 7 (or 8 ) dives in this trip. During the first dive in old 開元 harbor, we luckily saw the turtle!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well begun is half done (好的開始是成功的一半… 亂用成語?). The luckiness brought the following wonderful dives!

八代灣沈船 wreck

獅子魚 Lion fish

Crinoidea 海百合 and Crab

石狗公 Scorpionfish (第一次眼睛夠利自己找到石狗公…)

Angel fish


A hidden octopus (你看到章魚了嗎? :))

Xmas Tree Worm (魚都拍不好只好自暴自棄來拍不會動的)

Seychelles and Ocellaris Anemonefishes

Crabs (也是第一次自己找到螃蟹! 只是他們躲在珊瑚裡頭, 又沒有指揮棒, 很難把他們叫出來拍照)

A cute star fish (海星是可以再生的嗎?感覺是一隻手就生出了這樣一個新海星)

I don’t know what it is 😛 (看到別人在拍照就很high的跟著拍… 但是這是什麼?)



  1. 哇!有潛水相機嗎?海中世界真的很漂亮。

  2. to 麻糬,

    對呀, 出發當天才匆忙的去借相機 :pp

  3. the one below carol should be a (male) blue-barred parrot fish藍點鸚哥魚 , such fish sleeps in its own “bubble” at night. The bubble acts as a guard alarm.
    They play a significant role in turning coral reef into sand.
    ( TO be continued… )

  4. 最後一個看起來可能是沙蠶, (可以吃 :p ) 但是應該不會在深海才對….所以不太確定,

    parrotfish的bubble net 更大的功能在掩蓋氣味

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