Posted by: smallonely | May 5, 2009

娃, 跌倒了… (Oops, I fell down)

「娃, 跌倒了… (Oops, I fell down)」is a phrase from 天線寶寶.

On a Wednesday (say a month ago), when I went from 行政大樓 to 中正堂, I was busy doing several things at the same moment. Putting the ticket into my bag, searching the key for the post office box, taking out the umbrella and opening it… As you know, a computer science guy usually likes to do things in “parallel processing”. At this moment, I unfortunately went down to the ground…

It hurt a lot. I stayed on the ground for a while. I thought my ankle hit the ground directly because my hands were too busy to protect myself.

What made me stand up again? It’s not other’s eyes on me. It’s not my being shy. It’s not the worries about others’ laughing at me.

The only thing made me get up from the ground is “Why do I fall at THIS BLAZING PLACE? It would be better in the shadow.”

By the way, my ankle is not fully recovered yet. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable while standing. I went to the doctor last Wednesday (thanks wintersnow for being with me :)). The doctor said it would better by itself.


  1. 一次只做一件事比較容易專心,祝你早日復原。 🙂

  2. Take care:)

  3. 去醫院時記得順便請醫生幫你換顆四核心的人腦CPU,那下次多工處理時就不會當機而跌倒了!嘻嘻

  4. But I don’t know how to leave you
    And I’ll never let you fall

    應該可以用在這裡吧? :p
    take care of lone for … the world again *^_^*

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