Posted by: smallonely | April 8, 2009


Although it rained a lot last evening, I still wanted to take a walk. I love walking . So I walked to the GYM on our campus, and took a stroll on the elliptical :p

Being used to have the mp3 player with me, I listened to something while doing exercise in the GYM. Then, I noticed that a man around 50 years old came to the walking equipment nearby. It seemed that he didn’t know how to use the equipment to start to walk. Since I am very 雞婆 (busybody in English), I explained the usage of the equipment to him (in Mandarin), but he looked puzzled.

Suddenly I realized he might not be a Chinese, so I talked to him in English. After helping him to start the walking equipment, I chatted a little with him. Then I knew that he is a visiting professor of Electrophysics Department, who came from Japan. I tried to use my poorly few Japanese vocabulary in the English sentence; meanwhile, it’s interesting that he also tried to talk me in Mandarin 😀

I expressed the admiration for him.
“It’s nice that a foreigner like you try to speak Chinese to communication
with us. Ichiban! Thank you very much!! ”

He was very happy 😀
No mp3 music, but I really enjoyed the GYM time in this raining evening~~


  1. You are really a kindly girl. ^^
    I believe that it was a happy raining eveing!

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