Posted by: smallonely | March 29, 2009

[Philippine] Dolphin Watching and Balicasag Island Tours (1)

On the second day in Bohol, we rented a boat for a whole day. 2500 pesos, including dolphin watching, balicasag island and virgin island tours. We got up in the early morning, say 5:30, and left for the cute dolphins at 6.

Our boat captain, Gan-Gan.

[Dolphin Watching]

It took 30 minutes to get in the dolphin site. But to tell the truth, it’s hard to see the dolphin clearly. There were too many boats. Once one captain found a group of dolphins, he would rush to them. All the other boats followed soon. At the time, all boats ran after the dolphins. Since the dolphins are very shy, it’s a pity that they disappeared quickly.

[Balicasag Island]

Balicasag Island is famous for its marine life. Snorkel, watch, see, and enjoy.

From the dolphin site, it tooks about 20 mins to Balicasag Island. At the island, our captain said we should rent another small boat to get to coral bed for our snorkeling. He also suggested us to rent the masks and the booties. The rate for small boat were 500 pesos, the masks were 200/per and booties were 200/per also. Life vests were for free.

I can’t accept that there were so many extras. I quarreled with the captain and the owner of the small boat. (It’s the first time I have a quarrel in English… haha :p) It’s not reasonable to charge without mention in advance. Finally, he gave us a discount and then we started to get into the sea.
註:我事後很得意的跟朋友們說:第一次用英文吵架就上手 XDDD

Undoubtedly, Balicasag Island is snorkelers’ paradise. We saw many mid-size fishes here. It’s very very magic. Lots of clown fishes, triggerfishes, mackerels, star fishes here. I can’t believe it was just snorkeling! I thought even diving at the other site, one can’t see so many kinds of fishes. I swam to and fro, once I found some interesting fishes, I would ask my sister Chia to come to see them 🙂 Even though she can’t dive, Chia is a good swimmer. I bet she will become a good diver in the future 😉

[Lunch at Balicasag Island]

to be continued…

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