Posted by: smallonely | March 17, 2009

[Philippine] Isis Bungalow, Alona Beach

Before the trip, I collected some information about Isis Bungalow in the internet.
Someone said that it is so so. Like the YMCA youth hostel. But I don’t care if it is a youth hostel. What I want is a place which faces the sea and is very clean and safe. Isis Bungalow perfectly matches my requirement.

With red roofs and white walls, the architecture is very different from the other building nearby.

There is no swimming pool in Isis Bungalow, however, the ocean is the greatest swimming pool, isn’t it? 🙂

The early morning view from our room. It was about 5:30 AM. I got up very early that day and found the surprising beautiful view.

(It turned brighter…)

(It’s around 6:10 🙂

Moreover, it costs 5700 peso/night for 5 persons. Definitely, it is worth its value 🙂

Isis Bungalow
Official Website

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