Posted by: smallonely | February 21, 2009

[food] Hot Chocolate in PAUL

In the summer last year, my friend Siegfi gave me a can of Godiva cocoa powder.
Since I just finished the last shot of hot choco this morning, I would like to write a post of PAUL :p (There’s no direct connection :p)

PAUL was the name of a hundred year multiple store in Europe, and it started its first branch of Taiwan in 2008. According to my friend, the famous product is hot chocolate.
Being smooth as silk, it’s taste is rich and with a strong body. Very strong indeed. Like a cup of melted chocolate :p

And… with pleasant finish 🙂

By the way, the other food in PAUL is also good 🙂

地址:台北市仁愛路四段107號 (仁愛圓環)


  1. 我一直覺得第一張照片中,杯子的反光有小惡魔感 :p

  2. 這….是在乎叫我嗎??

  3. 咦咦, 呼叫你的名字的時候就會浮出來耶

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