Posted by: smallonely | February 19, 2009

Many thanks for Lin’s advisement

I learned so much during the Ph.D progress.
Not only the specialty of wireless mobile network, but …
for example, how to find a research topic in the currently surveying stuff,
how to describe and explain your thoughts to let the other know easily.

I learn a lot from my advisor, Jason, Yi-Bing Lin.
He is a great professor.
He is very smart.
He works hard (even more than we students!).
He always takes good care of us.
Many thanks for his advisement.

This morning, I received Lin’s call. He asked me if I checked email or not.
At the moment, I was still busy on business since I hosted a workshop these two days.
And… following the email…..
I have been approved to receive an IBM Ph.D. Fellowship award!!!

Thanks Lin, and thanks everyone who do me their kindly help 🙂

I will keep going to better myself 😉

By the way, it also means that I can’t get my PhD in 25 years old :p
Because the scholarship is usually given on September,
and I must be a student when receiving the award.
But I will become 26 in August 2009… :p



  1. Gratez!!!
    Smallonely is the only one who gets the IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Award in taiwan this year!!!

  2. 小龍好棒喔!

  3. 據說今年其實有兩個得獎者… :p

  4. 恭喜恭喜 😀

  5. cool~ 讚ㄟ !!
    所以今年暑假可以看到你來實習囉?! ^^

    超開心 (L)

  6. 恭喜恭喜~~ ^^
    正在開始radiology residentship
    又是漫長的四年 全部都是新的東西 全新的開始 :PP
    小欣怡還是這麼強 呵呵 已經要拿到Ph.D了 🙂
    恭喜恭喜恭喜唷~~~ ^^

  7. to cling,
    實習的部分應該還要談, 我對於細節也還不瞭解…

    to gridling,
    加油加油, 不過已經很久沒看到你了呢!
    希望大家都可以快樂而充實的忙碌著 🙂

    to All,
    thank you (L) I wanta give all of you a big hug (L)

  8. 恭喜恭喜! 一個小小的建議:可以把這個得獎記錄加入你的個人網頁和履歷表喔 🙂

  9. to wcliu,

    Thanks. 不過我在想是不是等他正式 announce 比較好呢? 🙂

  10. 嗯嗯,說得也是 🙂

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