Posted by: smallonely | January 31, 2009

[Philippine] Diving in Alona

I go vacation in Philippines with my family.
Since most of my family don’t speak English, I should take care of them and can’t leave them alone.
So during this trip, I can only find a little time to dive once.

The diving rate in Philippines is usually not expensive [see my previous post (written in Chinese)], say below 1800 peso. I walked around Alona Beach and asked the rates. I found the diving rates of diving centers at the beach are more costly than those farther from the beach. At the corner of the street (near the chocolate hill ticket stand), there is a dive center… I forgot the name of it… 1 dive costs as inexpensive as 1000 peso with ALL equipment (800 peso without equipment).

We dived at Tawala Sanctuary (I guess:p), where is only about 10 minutes boat ride away from the beach.
We saw some noodle fishes. (I didn’t bring waterproof camera, so I use the pictures taken by others. )

Sea Snake

Lion Fish

Box Fish

Lots of schooling jack fishes vibrate me.

It’s the first time I experience the jack fish storm!!


  1. 哇, 這些照片都是妳拍的?
    很漂亮耶… 😀

  2. 不不, 不是我拍的… 我借用其他人的照片 🙂
    只是這些生物是我這次海底看到的 🙂

  3. that sounds so interesting 😀

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