Posted by: smallonely | January 15, 2009

Golf – My First Experience

Before yesterday, I knew nothing on golf, except the naive knowledge that one should hold a golf club to hit the ball and put this ball in a hole.

There’s always a first time. We reached the golf course in the sunny afternoon. Although it’s cold and windy in winter, I was delighted to bath in the sunlight.

The first step was to learn how to hold the club.
Since I am righty, I should hold the club handle in the left hand, and then place the right hand. I sometimes forgot to make both of the two thumbs parallel to the club.

The second step was to swing the club…. I’m still not good at it, so I’d like to skip this part.
I found that the harder I tried to hit, the lesser it went :p

Anyway, it was a wonderful experience. I used to regard golf as a men’s sport.
However, it’s nice of being part of something that enact women to do in a sport and be with her brother, husband or father :p

Congratulations to Jone, who successfully completed his public PhD oral exam yesterday 😀
And, of course, thanks for his coaching.


  1. pop in by google….how do u do….

    “one should hold a golf club to hit the ball and put this ball in a hole”

    It seems this is what I know of the golf so far, too…..:)

    I should give it a try some time in the future ….

    have a good day…

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