Posted by: smallonely | January 7, 2009

[台北] *謎之*和幸日本料理

*Somebody* ask me to write a new post of 和幸日本料理 in Taipei.
Okay.. I am doing it. :p

Due to *somebody’s* interests in Japanese cuisine, we ate many good Japanese food during his stay in Taiwan.
Moreover, we had had something in a restaurant with the same name in Hsinchu one day before :p
The two restaurants have no connection and are with different style.

和幸 in Taipei is hold by a Japanese, 安里聰 from Okinawa.
It is a home-style Japanese restaurant.

In the beginning, I guessed most food are not difficult to made…
and I bet that I can cook something 90% similar to them :p
Later, the complexity of the food appeared.
I would never get bored with them even if I ate much.
They taste really delicious.

I like the juicy fried chicken.
I like the gratinated potato with codfish roe.
I love most is the fried oyster and its Japanese mayonnaise sauce 😀

營業:17:30~24:00 (只接受當天下午一點開始預約)

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