Posted by: smallonely | December 4, 2008

[cook] Zabaglione (Sabayon)

It’s a traditional Italian dessert with a very warm flavor.
It can be served over fresh fruit.
I used apple, guava and persimmon, which are white, green and red
to represent the Italian flag :p

My recipe is quite simple.

3 egg yolks
50g sugar
100g white wine (I used white wine instead of Marsala wine :p)
a little cream

1. Place egg yolks, cream and sugar in a bowl.
2. Mix them and make them thick and foamy.
3. Beat in the wine.
4. Put the bowl containing the mixture over the simmering water. Continue whisking it.
5. When the eggs cooked gently and the mixture stays smooth, serve immediately over fresh fruit.



  1. yeah, I see.
    simple but dilicious ~~~

    show me the wine, would you?

  2. how to beat the wine? (add into?)

  3. Yeah, add it into the mixture. I used an inexpensive table white wine.

  4. “table white wine”?

    You are soooo professional 🙂

    BTW. Today, no dilicious food to show?

  5. oh yes.
    Happy weekend! 🙂

  6. liu,

    happy weekend 😉

  7. 今天没帖子呀?


  8. liu,


    好吧, 我來寫個晚上聽的音樂… 🙂

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