Posted by: smallonely | November 19, 2008

OpenDiameter-Installation Troubleshooting

Some error occurs when I install the open diameter 1.0.7-i (with ACE 5.5.2).
I guess some ACE data type has been changed.
So some of the open diameter header files must be modified.

If you found the error:

In file included from ./include/aaa_peer_data.h:38,
from ./include/aaa_peer_fsm.h:37,
from ./include/aaa_peer_table.h:38,
from ./include/aaa_xml_data.h:39,
from src/aaa_application.cxx:34:
./include/aaa_transport_ace.h:276: error: field `m_SigRegistrar’ has incomplete type
./include/aaa_transport_ace.h: In constructor `Diameter_IO_SigMask::Diameter_IO_SigMask()’:
./include/aaa_transport_ace.h:263: error: `m_SigRegistrar’ was not declared in this scope
./include/aaa_transport_ace.h:263: warning: unused variable ‘m_SigRegistrar’
*** Error code 1

Modify aaa_transport_ace.h. Add the lines:
#include “ace/Signal.h”
#include “ace/Sig_Handler.h”

And about the ACE_System_Time::get_local_system_time error, modify the following lines in libpana/include/pana_serial_num.h.

static inline ACE_UINT32 GenerateISN(ACE_UINT32 seed = 0) {
if (seed == 0) {
time_t t = 0;
// simple time seeded randon number generator
ACE_OS::srand(seed + ACE_OS::rand());
return ACE_OS::rand();


  1. Thank you smallonely so much! (L)

  2. 小龍將自己安裝軟體debug的心得分享出來給大家參考,真是佛心來的 😀

  3. Thanks for your help. I was also stuck at that point only..


  4. Thanks…found your post on google, which helped me to fix the same problem.

  5. 真是大好人呀。。。我现在读硕士,想研究opendiameter, 能否向你请教些问题呀?^^ 不知道你最近时候还在研究opendiameter。。。

  6. 呵呵。。。好心人呀。。。
    我最近在研究Opendiameter, 不知道你是否还研究Opendiameter?

  7. 我在ubuntu 安装的 opendiameter-1.0.7-i.tar.gz
    然后,做了点小修改,pac那里显示 认证成功~

    但在三台电脑上分离运行三个程序(aaad,nasd,pacd)显示认证失败, 不知道你那里是否一切顺利?^^

    能看到留言就 阿弥陀佛 啦~~ 多谢~

  8. Nice blog, i like it, its informative,
    i will visit his blog more often.
    i like your article specially about
    OpenDiameter-Installation Troubleshooting


  9. Great brother, thank you so much 🙂

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