Posted by: smallonely | November 13, 2008

[cook] sauce tartare

To have a good condiment for the bread,
I made some tartar sauce yesterday.

Bread, vegetables, and maybe fish or chips may taste different to origin with
tartar sauce!
It’s one of the greatest white sauce. The base is mayonnaise. Just add
some simple ingredients and you have a wonderful easy sauce.

My recipe is listed below:
1/2 onion, chopped
1/2 cucumber, chopped
(I chopped them into very very tiny pieces, say, 0.3 cm cube.
Actually it’s a hard work :pp )
1 egg yolk, hard boiled
100g (light) mayonnaise
1/2 lemon (juice)

and… mix everything together and add black pepper to taste 😀
(If you prefer sweeter sauce like me, you can add a little bit sugar in it)

I love the way that lemon juice brightens up the mayonnaise, and it adds a
sharper flavor to the tartar sauce.

I also made some vegetable sticks. Celery, carrot, apple, cucumber, tomato…
Of course they were all eaten raw.
I cut them into 6cm long sticks.
(besides the apple and the tomato :pI don’t know how to made them sticks XDDD)
Put them in the cold water for hours to make them crisp.

The bread and vegetables all go brilliantly with the tartar sauce.

With nice wine and cheese, we had a pleasant night 🙂


  1. 下次如果有多的塔塔醬請通知我一下,我也想要嚐一嚐 😀

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