Posted by: smallonely | November 6, 2008

Cats in 蘇格貓底

蘇格貓底 is a coffee shop in Tsing Hua University.
It is a enjoyable place to stay. You will feel comfortable there.
It’s prefect for lunch, talking with friends, an afternoon of studying, or
perusing the internet. Free wireless internet service is provided for
Music in 蘇格貓底 is undoubtedly nice. It has vacuum tube audio.
There is even a paino in the center of the store!

The particular of the store is the cute cats! Recently, 蘇格貓底 adopted a new
cat, named 莫怪. (Pardon my bluntness. Such a strange name!!) He is a
one-month small kitten. He is so cute and quiet. When I held him and put it on
my legs, he stayed in my arms, did not go away, and felt asleep quickly. He
adored to be cuddled. So lovely!

See, with nice smile and closed eyes, he is like a lion >//////////////<
I like lions 😉

To Bie and Becky,
next time when you come to Taiwan, you must visit the store!
(of course I will take you there 🙂 )



  1. so small, so cute, so lovely 😉

  2. 如果這些小貓小狗夠信任妳
    妳可以摸摸他們的耳朵跟部 跟臉相連接的地方
    –>曾經被咬過 >_<
    但真的很可愛 *^_^*

  3. 很可愛的貓咪! 😀

    不知這莫怪是國語還是台語的名字,兩者的意思有些不同 😉

  4. 那貓的臉會不會看起來太舒服了一點阿..

  5. to ufo,
    那要看誰抱他啊 😀

    to wcliu,
    是國語名字喔 ^^

  6. 上次去清大圖書管時,有去過這家店吃午餐。

  7. Ahhhhhhhhh ….. Soooooo cute !!! But my BoBo is better hahahaha

    we definitely will try to come next year … perhaps with “大強” haha ….

  8. Ah Soooooooooooooo cute!! But our BoBo is even better hahaha

    We definitely will try to come next year … perhaps with 大強 … hehe

  9. 我… 想當那隻貓 XD

  10. 挖!介紹得好快速~



  11. 摸乖… 呵, 好可愛哦!!

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