Posted by: smallonely | October 15, 2008

My New Website

I made my personal website 😀
It took times to write the CV.
But it was good to looking back what I did before 😀

Welcome to my new website at


  1. Wow! You are really an exceptional Ph.D. student of computer science. You look very beautiful in that photo and I think that you are more goodlooking than the photo. (本人比照片好看) 😀

  2. 新照片讓我嚇了一跳 XD

  3. It looks professional 😀

  4. Impressed is the only word
    , I can describe this whole.
    Maybe bigger dictionary is what I need.
    “how could one be so great?”
    Still marked in my mind. Why ?_?

  5. I love your face all smiles with warm on the 1st picture and the bright expression in your eyes on the 2nd picture. To the 1st page, however, I would prefer the 2nd picture to the 1st one. And put the swimming picture at the Sun-Moon Lake to the 2nd page. 🙂

  6. I agree with lin. The 2nd picture you wear with glasses is much more professional and more suitable as a CV picture coming with the context. In general, CV picture is used to be a half take.
    And congratulation to smallonely to be a Ph.D candidate. We are glad to know what is your next step.

  7. to lin and tsechingho,

    Many thanks for the comments.
    Actually I love the two pictures equally.
    But the first one looks warm, sweet and kind. That’s what I want to show to others :p So I put it on the mainpage. I agree that the other picture looks professional and is suitable for a CV. Maybe I will put it into my CV when I apply a job 🙂

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