Posted by: smallonely | September 23, 2008


A 2 oz espresso shot glass was broken.
Containers breaks one after another.
What should I say?

To maintain a container in a good condition may be diffcult.
Just like to maintain the relationships.

But I am tooooooo careless.

A broken mug. A broken glass.
I heard the sounds of breaking…

Do not read too much into it :p


  1. Be careful and take care, Sharon. Breaking is peace. (碎碎平安) 😀

  2. 一看到杯子就看到字,所以這是怨念杯,怨念積太多了就自己破掉了~

  3. to wcliu,
    Breaking is peace.
    我喜歡這個翻譯 XD 好可愛!!

    to tsechingho,
    糟糕了, 我每個杯子上都有字….

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