Posted by: smallonely | August 20, 2008

Scuba Diving in Green Island

Clear blue sky, clean crystal water, pure fresh air…
I was in Green Island again!!!

In July this summer, I went to Green Island for diving. During my first time here, I met a great guitar player, Milk Green Tea 😀

This was my second trip to Green Island. We took train from Taipei to Taitung, went to harbor by taxi for the 45-minute ferry trip, and finally rode a scooter providing by the hostel. Scooters are the main transportation in Green Island. The island is not large, since about 50 minutes scooter riding around the island.

I still thought it is the hottest part in Taiwan. It was crazy crazy crazy hot. Undoubtedly it is deserved to be called the “Fire Island”. For the sun protection, I wrapped myself as DORORO in Keroro軍曹 XD

See, do we look similar to each other? XDDDD

….However, a fascinating part of this island is diving. Coral reefs abound around the island. The diversity of marine life is phenomenal. Actually, according to National Geographic, Green Island has the oldest coral formations in the world.

It was amazing that we saw Pygmy Seahorse while the second diving. It is tiny, no larger than your fingernall. It was difficult to find. Many diver do not see them in their whole diving life. Do you see it? Although it’s a little bit out of focus.

H. pontohi Pygmy Seahorse

Anemonefishs are memory card killer :p They were so cute and always wanted to hit my camara 🙂

Regal tang. Do you remember Dory in the movie “Finding Nemo”?

Seasnake. Watch out! Most seasnakes are venomous. However, most of them have gentle dispositions and bite only when provoked.



The sight view above the “big mushrooms (大香菇)”. It is indeed a underwater paradise.

Gymnothorax (鯙)

Sea anemone 千手海葵

Boxfish and Sea Urchin

We saw many species of boxfishes… Yellow one, gray one, white one…
They were so lovely because of their box-shape body.

Stonefish 石狗公/石頭魚

Of course we saw many other kinds of fishes. I can’t list them all in the blog!

By the way, Green Island has saltwater hot springs, which is one of only three places in the world. We enjoyed it in the last night.


  1. Hi, Dororo…XD

  2. Hi, Dororo~XD. The underwater world nearby the Green Island is really beautiful and amazing! Through your article, I learned many new vocabulary.

    I also went to Green Milk Tea’s web page and found that he has composed a song for you, called “那年夏天.” It’s a very interesting and lovely song. He is really a talented musician. 😀

  3. cute! I dub thee Princess Dororo 🙂

    It’s been quite a while since I last set foot on the lovely Green Island. Your pictures are making me nostalgic for times past. Maybe I’ll pay a visit there next time I go home.

  4. The diving looks great and you really got some good pictures. A flash would help you bring out more vivid color in the creatures. Looks like a great island to scuba.

  5. Thank you nick. But I don’t know how to use the flash well :p (Sometimes it only light up a small region. I don’t know why)

  6. Hello, what time of the year did you go to Green Island? is it difficult to get to from Tai Pei? Are the High speed rails running? Thanks for any tips, I want to check out Green Island during my first ever trip to Taiwan.

  7. Hello Chris,
    I went to Green Island on last July and September, and I think April to October is the best time for diving there. However, people dives in Green Island all the year. We don’t have high speed rails running on the east side, so I recommend you to take the train to TaiTung, then take taxi to the harbor, and go to Green Island by ferry.

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