Posted by: smallonely | August 16, 2008

Blinked Punk Princess Crown Birthday Party

Because I would not be at Taiwan in my birthday this year ,
we Princess Clan held the birthday party in 3 Aug,
and the dress code is Punk plus Crown.
Actually the Punk and the Crown have different kind of characteristics,
but I obstinately wore the crown at a punk dressing. 😀

The party took place in Holiday KTV.

The birthday cake bought in 亞羅蔓 is very delicious 😀
亞羅蔓 is my favorite bakery in Hsinchu.
Actually in these near years, the birthday cakes of mine are all from this store.

And of course, I blew out the candles after making a secret birthday wish.

Thank you all the lovely princesses!

Btw, Shining and I won ‘the most punk today’ award XDDDD


  1. Happy birthday to you! You look very happy in the last photo. You have many good friends/sisters. Smallonely is not lonely. 😀

  2. haha… yup, smallonely is not lonely.

  3. Ah:) I missed it!

    Happy Belated Birthday Princess Hsin-yi !

    Is there a specific reason as to why you are now writing your blog in English?

  4. 來不及說生日快樂


  5. 好哦, 下次再找小滴姊姊 🙂

  6. Thank you Denise 🙂
    I’m writing in English because some friends can’t read Chinese or can’t read Chinese well. I want to share my life with all :DDDDDD

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