Posted by: smallonely | July 21, 2008

[HK] Day 4. The Ventian Macao

After having lunch in 新好利美食餅店 (葡撻 was good, 豬扒包 was so-so, and as
for 珍珠奶茶, it is better in Taiwan), we went to the Venetian, which is a
casino resort.

I think there is nothing in the world like the Venetiann Macao. Attractions
include a replica of the Grand Canal in Venice including St. Mark’s Square
and the Rialto Bridge where visitors can take gondola (boat) rides to the
accompaniment of Italian ballad singing. I was so suprised at the copy of
Ventian festival, which re-creates the events with masks, costumes, music,
jugglery, and so on.

I’ve been Italy once, but it’s a pity that I did not go to Venice. I will go
there one day! Before that, it’s good that I “preview” the theme of Venice in
the Ventian Macao.

By the way, I saw a poster of Jay Chou 😀 It was funny that I met Taiwanese
perform in Macau :DDDD

(Night Sight of Ventian Macao; from wikipedia)


  1. Wow! The Portuguese egg tarts seem very delicious! The Venetian Macao and its reflection in the water are beautiful in the night. Nice trip and nice article. Your English writing ability is pretty good. 😀

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