Posted by: smallonely | July 11, 2008

[HK] Day 4. Taipa Houses-Museum

The outside scenes from Becky’s place is very very fantastic.
Her apartment is in Taipa, and her window faces the Macau Island.

We had a nice breakfast in a small store near her home, 樂駿軒咖啡美食,
which sold local food such as 腸粉 and porridge of rice.

After breakfast, we went to Taipa Houses-Museum (龍環葡韻住宅式博物館).
The museum includes five typical green houses with Macanese architectural
characteristics of Portuguese Matrix. These houses had been the residences
for high superiors and Macanes-born Portuguese families.

One of the houses, Macanese House, is a Macao’s typical houses in colonial
style. The furniture and decoration inside the house shows how people lived
at that time.

I love the colorful decoration of early 1900’s very much.


  1. 那椅子還真特別。

  2. Smallonely posted three articles on her blog on 7/11. Coincidentally, 7/11 is also the three-year-old birthday of open chan. 😀

  3. Dear小龍 我是交大諮商中心的實習諮商師

    諮商中心 蘇郁惠 分機51316

  4. 建翔,
    我也這麼覺得 😀

    我也喜歡 open 將!!


  5. to wcliu,
    結果下一篇又拖了十天才寫 >////////<

  6. to smallonely,
    沒關係呀,慢慢寫,不用急 😀

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