Posted by: smallonely | July 9, 2008

My Friend is Looking for a Teacher to be his Advisor…

A friend who is a Cambodian ask me many times about choosing the advisors.

He ask about my advisor Lin first (on my recommendation of course),
but Lin is very busy and have no time to take care of more students.

Now the Cambodian ask me about Yin-Da Lin and Yu-Chee Tseng.
I can only talk to him that both of them are really good professors.

The Cambodian ask me again (and again) about their personality and research
fields. He want me to give him some suggestions about the choice.

But I have NEVER under advised on Yin-Da Lin or Tseng.
So I don’t know who is better for him :$

What I only know is that Yi-Bin Lin is a GREAT professor 😀

他一直要問我 林盈達和曾預期 選哪個好
我只能跟他說 他們都是好老師


我麼知道哪個好 :$

只要知道 liny 好就好了 >/////////////<



  1. You neglected for the tense and the third-singular-person in almost every sentence.

    By the way, I forwarded an email to u about the use of tell/speak/say. You can compare it to what u used in this article.


  2. Yes, Dr. Lin is a great professor. He has published many papers in IEEE journals. He has many outstanding students, e.g., Phone Lin, Ai-Chun Pang, and smallonely. 😀

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