Posted by: smallonely | July 4, 2008

Be a (partial) triathlete

For preparing the group triathlon-relay race this Saturday,
I went to swim in the morning.

Actually, I am not a fast swimmer.
The criteria of the race is 750 meters / 30 mins.
I worry about that a little.

To simulate the water of the Sun-Moon Lake, first I closed my eyes in the
water while opened them when breathing. In doing so, I can’t swim in
a straight line without seeing the under-water line.
Therefore, I had to raise my head every moment to avoid hitting the wall 😛

Second, there is no wall in the lake and I could not kick it (to relax)
when swimming. So I just turned around.

Swim, swim, swim…

I got 800 meter / 25 mins in the end.

I hope I can do well tomorrow 🙂



  1. 小龍加油喔! 25分鐘能游800公尺真是不簡單 🙂

  2. Wow , I am no sure if I can swin that long within 25 mins

  3. 今天早上起來看見小龍上報紙囉,還有一張照片,實在是太強啦! 😀

  4. 哈,我也是阿。

  5. 我是在聯合報上看到的 🙂

  6. 耶, 現在全世界都知道我去日月潭了 >/////////<

  7. 我也知道了呦~

  8. 那天我也看到了,我也是鐵三角第一棒,正當結束後努力喘氣時,看到隔壁棚子裡有一個不可思議的現象,竟然有這麼漂亮又白的女生穿著比基尼來參加三鐵,讚啦…

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