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[java] Java RMI over IIOP

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標題: [java] Java RMI over IIOP
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Java RMI over IIOP

RMI over IIOP is based on two specifications of the Object Management Group:
Java Language Mapping to OMG IDL Specification
CORBA/IIOP 2.3.1 Specification, formal/99-10-07

JavaTM RMI over IIOP
Documentation Home Page

他是從 jdk 1.3 開始提出來的

RMI-IIOP utilizes the Java CORBA Object Request Broker (ORB) and IIOP, so you
can write all of your code in the Java programming language, and use the rmic
compiler to generate the code necessary for connecting your applications via
the Internet Inter ORB Protocol (IIOP) to others written in any CORBA-compliant
language. (小龍註:就是CORBA所support的那二十幾種語言) To work with CORBA
applications in other languages, IDL can be generated from Java programming
language interfaces using the rmic compiler with the -idl option.
For more information on using rmic, link to rmic – The Java RMI Compiler.

When should I use RMI-IIOP?
RMI-IIOP is for developers who program in the Java programming language and
want to program to the RMI interfaces, but use IIOP as the underlying

When using RMI-IIOP to produce technology-based distributed applications
written in the Java programming language, there is no separate Interface
Definition Language (IDL) or mapping to learn: the remote interfaces can
be implemented in any other language that is supported by an OMG mapping and
a vendor supplied ORB for that language. Similarly, clients can be written in
other languages using IDL derived from the remote Java technology-based

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