Posted by: smallonely | November 20, 2003

[java] Java RMI over IIOP – II

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標題: [java] Java RMI over IIOP – II
時間: Thu Nov 20 14:29:40 2003

– RMI-IIOP provides flexibility by allowing developers to pass any Java object
between application components either by reference or by value.

– 如果只用 pure RMI : Using Java RMI technology without its IIOP option
leverages its strengths of code portability, security, and garbage

Java RMI over IIOP Tutorials

Getting Started Using Java RMI over IIOP
Tutorial: RMI over IIOP with POA server-side model

RMI-IIOP is for Java programmers who want to program to the RMI interfaces,
but use IIOP as the underlying transport. RMI-IIOP provides interoperability
with other CORBA objects implemented in various languages – but only if all
the remote interfaces are originally defined as Java RMI interfaces.
基本上是 for 會寫Java RMI程式的人, 底層走IIOP, 可以給其他人call
(只有在 remote interface 原本都用Java RMI interface訂定的時候)

It is of particular interest to programmers using Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB),
since the remote object model for EJBs is RMI-based.

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