Posted by: smallonely | November 20, 2003

[java] How to Make RMI Programs Use IIOP

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標題: [java] How to Make RMI Programs Use IIOP
時間: Thu Nov 20 18:00:53 2003

How to Make RMI Programs Use IIOP
The following steps are a general guide to converting an RMI application to

1. If you are using the RMI registry for naming services, you need to switch
to CosNaming. In the createORB() method, do not pass the org.omg.ORBClass
property. Instead, use ORB.init( args, null ). You need to do the following:

a, In both your client and server code, you need to create an InitialContext
for JNDI using the following code:
import javax.naming.*;

Context ic = new InitialContext();

b, Modify all uses of RMI registry lookup() and bind() to use JNDI lookup()
and bind() instead. For example, instead of your RMI server using:
import java.rmi.*;

Naming.rebind(“MyObject”, myObj);
import javax.naming.*;

ic.rebind(“MyObject”, myObj);

c, If the client is an applet, the client applet needs to pass this to the
JNDI CosNaming plugin. Replace the above code with the following:
import java.util.*;
import javax.naming.*;

Hashtable env = new Hashtable();
env.put(“java.naming.applet”, this);
Context ic = new InitialContext(env);

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